Programet Profesionale

Vocational programs

Level 3, 4 and 5

UNI - Universum International College, in addition to regular university and postgraduate programs, offers professional programs of level 3, 4 and 5; professional certifications and trainings, with international licenses in various fields.

Professional Certifications

Professional trainings

Marketing and Sales Training

Universum International College has a large number of nationally and internationally licensed instructors who offer modular training in Marketing and Sales. Participants learn advanced coherent marketing strategies, insights and methodologies. Intensive training increases the capacities of successful participants. Therefore, they become experts in the field of marketing and increase the sales of products in the institutions they work.

Public Relations - PR

Universum International College has various national and international licenses, which authorize our experts to train and provide international certifications in public relations. Participants learn advanced strategies, knowledge and methodologies on how to manage public institutions, how to design and implement PR strategies, and how to respond to the public in institutions.

Training in the Edexel package

Edexel is a professional training package developed in the United Kingdom. Universum International College is the only institution accredited and licensed to offer Edexcel training in Kosovo. Edexcel consists of intensive training in: management, marketing, accounting, business development, ICT training, human resource management, and various other business-related modules.