Research Center

Center for SustainableDevelopment - Universum International College

The Center for Sustainable Development at Universum International College (UCSD) promotes and conducts research to achieve the goals of sustainable development in three main areas: economic, social and environmental.

Sustainable development goals

United Nations Goals

The main goals of social development

  • Të përmirësohet uji i pastër dhe kanalizimet
  • Eliminate poverty
  • Health and well-being
  • Strengthen gender equality
  • Provide qualitative education
  • To reduce inequality

Sustainable goals 7

The main goals of environmental development

  • Të përmirësohet uji i pastër dhe kanalizimet
  • Increase affordable and clean energy
  • To organize actions for global warming
  • To develop life under water
  • To guarantee peace, justice and strong institutions

The main goals of economic development

  • To fight hunger
  • Decent work and economic growth
  • To increase industry, innovation and infrastructure
  • To mobilize sustainable cities and communities
  • To create awareness about overall consumption and production