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A ju pëlqen të ligjeroni? Filloni karrierën gjatë studimeve duke aplikuar si TUTOR në Akademinë e Tutorëve. Ndjek trajnim, aftësohu dhe organizo trajnimin tënd! Na trego pasionin tënd për të ligjeruar duke u regjistruar here.

Akademia e Tutorëve

A ju pëlqen të ligjeroni? Filloni karrierën gjatë studimeve duke aplikuar si TUTOR në Akademinë e Tutorëve. Ndjek trajnim, aftësohu dhe organizo trajnimin tënd! Na trego pasionin tënd për të ligjeruar duke u regjistruar here.


Academic staff are available to students for academic advising. The time for counseling should be set in cooperation with the professors. Students can also consult with professors through official emails.


Other Projects

As part of our commitment to foster innovation and create positive change, UNI - Universum International College actively participates in local and international projects.

Universum International College is part of many projects where collaborates with different partners. Overall, the aims of these projects is to address challenging issues and investigate new ideas. By collaborating with other organizations, we are able to bring together diverse perspectives and expertise to develop innovative solutions and approaches.

The involvement in these initiatives also enables Universum International College expand cooperation with other partners.

Rural Tourism Development

The specific objective of this assignment is to provide training for beneficiaries of the project (rural families, young individuals of unemployed and women and relevant associations and institutions) on business start-up, craftsmanship and institutional development. Supported by: European Commission

Training for GIZ

The specific objective of this task is to provide training to project beneficiaries (rural families, young unemployed individuals and women and related associations and institutions) on business start-up, craft and institutional development. Supported by: GIZ

Tourism Entrepreneurship

UNI - Universum International College has been subcontracted by the EU Commission to conduct training and business skills development for 100 Tourism Entrepreneurs in the Prishtina region, as part of regional development strategies. Supported by: European Commission

STIKK Education

Universum International College is a contractor of STIKK Education in terms of teaching and holding lectures. STIKK Education is designed to specifically address barriers related to skills development and training. Supported by: Kosovo ICT Association

Training and Education on Soft Skills: PunPun Candidate

This training was conducted on behalf of GIZ and was aimed at developing transferable soft skills for 22 candidates of an educational reality show in Kosovo. Universum was tasked with holding lectures and workshops. Supported by: GIZ

Business Development Skills

Business Development Skills Training Provisions for Young Entrepreneurs (USAID YEP) is a project through which Universum has conducted training in various countries for Young Entrepreneurs (YEP). Supported by: YEP and USAID

Entrepreneurship Development Skills

Universum International College won the project from YEP/ USAID to train 1000 young people. The main objective of this task was to provide support to 1000 Young Entrepreneurs (age 18-35) in 16-20 Supported by: YEP and USAID

Basic Education Program

The overall objective of the project was to provide assistance and logistics in the implementation of several types of professional development programs for different levels of beneficiaries from public elementary and lower secondary schools. Supported by: BEP and USAID

Youth and Employability

This project aims to collect information and assess the challenges of career offices in several municipalities. These data will be processed and the final report on the current situation regarding Youth and Employability. Supported by: SOLIDAR SWISS

VISEGRAD Project 1, 2 and 3

Entrepreneurship Week aims to bring the culture and influence of Visegrad entrepreneurship to the students of Kosovo, Albania and Montenegro. Likewise, EW aims to serve as a bridge between academia, community and business. Supported by: VISEGRAD

Get in The Ring (GITR)

Get in the Ring is an established non-profit event from the Erasmus Center for Entrepreneurship in the Netherlands on purpose to bring together entrepreneurs around the world in order to provide financing for their ventures. Supported by: Erasmus Center for Entrepreneurship in Netherlands

Startup Weekend Fest

This project aims to provide practical skills for new ventures, new businesses, individuals or groups with business ideas that aim to increase their business capacities. This event enables young people to realize their business ideas.

Global Entrepreneurship Week Partner Global

The Entrepreneurship Week event includes a series of activities for participants to collaborate and bring innovation to startups and existing businesses. Global Entrepreneurship Week brings together innovators and job creators.

Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM)

The Global Entrepreneurship Monitoring (GEM) project is an annual assessment of entrepreneurial activity, aspirations and attitudes of individuals in a wide range of countries.

Code Weekend Fest – CWF

Code Weekend Fest aims to bring young people from the surrounding region and help them acquire the necessary basic knowledge and skills related to coding and familiarity with coherent programming languages.

KosICT Tech Festival

KosICT started 5 years ago as a regional conference with the aim of bringing the topic of global IT trends to the Balkans. But with over 50 speakers over the past 4 years and more than 1,000 attendees, expansion was inevitable.

Recycled makerspace

Universum International College has invested and added an additional facility to the campus which serves as a creative space. The Makerspace consists of floors and furniture that are made from wood, metal and recycled plastic.

Recycled library

By 2024 Universum aspires to channel its electricity consumption through renewable energy options such as solar panels.

Circular Economy and Upcycling

Universum International College through digitization and sophisticated high-capacity software has reduced paper consumption by more than 40%. In the coming years, Universum College aims to go paperless.

Environment Protection Policies

Some of the recently approved policies include: • Smart Campus Policy • Equipment Purchase Policy • Greenery and Planting Policy


Project arCc stands for assuming responsibility for Climate change (Project – arCc). The initial inception for this proposal was triggered by climate change indicators as heatwave, abnormal weather changes and conditions and natural disasters.


The main goal is to ensure that collaborating universities will include climate change in curricula of various academic programs as well as develop a climate change and sustainability module.