Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan defines the pathway UNI - Universum International College will undertake in order to comply with the mission and contribute in achieving the objectives set forth by the institution.


UNI - Universum International College policies put students and learning at the centre of our focus.The advancement of students and their professional preparation will help us achieve our objectives through the inclusion of students in decision-making, their continuous support through the Career Office, with the aim of developing soft skills and increasing the chances of success in the labor market.


Internationalization enables the exchange, learning and best practices in education, culture and countries. UNI - Universum International College has partnerships with 221 international Universities for student and staff exchange as well as 4 capacity building projects. Univerusm has more KA1 and KA2 projects than most Higher Education Institutions in Kosovo combined. Universum International College continues to remain #1 in the Balkans, putting Kosovo on the world map.

Quality improvement

UNI - Universum International College has adapted measures to ensure the quality of teaching and services provided, enabling academic freedom that fosters innovation in teaching, increasing opportunities for study abroad as well as creating a better relationship with industry.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Knowing that the institutions of higher education in Kosovo are responsible for the development of entrepreneurial skills, necessary to promote innovation and contribute to the economic development of the country, UNI - Universum International College is dedicated to bringing innovation to education by modifying the curricula, methodologies and tools, developing partnerships with businesses to develop products and innovation in various fields.

Digital Transformation

Universum International College is committed to the digital transformation of education, which is made possible through the integration of electronic resources in more sustainable practices as well as the integration of augmented reality, virtual reality, mixed reality in the curriculum, especially in the Department of Computer Science, Business and Nursing.