Research strategy

Research Strategy

As part of the strategic partnership with ASU, UNI faculty is part of the Communities of Practice initiative. Communities of Practice serves as dynamic platforms for faculty and staff across the ASU Cintana Alliance Institutions to collaborate, generate innovative ideas in terms of research, and identify areas of opportunity to enhance and implement within their respective institutions. These online communities foster interaction and engagement among members through social networks and web-based portals, enabling effective knowledge-sharing and collective problem-solving.

The primary goal of the Communities of Practice is to drive efficiency in new projects by facilitating the exchange of best practices. By leveraging the diverse expertise and experiences of community members, it aims to identify and promote successful strategies and approaches that can be adopted across institutions. Through this collaborative effort, the communities seek to optimize processes, streamline workflows, and enhance project outcomes.

By maintaining ongoing engagement and providing a platform for professional development, the communities foster a sense of belonging and facilitate the building of relationships among faculty and staff. This engagement and camaraderie contribute to a positive work environment, which in turn supports talent retention and satisfaction.

As part of the research strategy, our institution has included research work in most subjects, which is implemented through the following objectives:

 Providing a friendly environment for research and relevant infrastructure
◉ Encouraging professors to join and carry out research project
◉ Obligation of students to conduct research in their projects within the course
◉ Linking research and teaching

Collaborative Research with Arizona State University partner universities

Collaborative Research Initiatives assist all partner ASU/CINTANA institutions in achieving significant growth, international recognition, and enhanced reputation. Through their expertise and support, ASU/CIntana helps UNI improve crucial research outcomes such as international research projects, high-impact publications, patents, and external funds. They aid in developing effective research strategies, identifying collaborative research areas, facilitating, and expediting research collaborations, and providing assistance in securing external research funding. By leveraging these initiatives, UNI is empowered to break through to the next level of scale, student enrollment, internationalization, and academic prestige, gaining a competitive advantage.

Research in teaching

UNI - Universum International College strongly believes that scientific research enables our institution to be aware of the socio-economic circumstances of our country and the region. By designing a good research strategy, our institution collects relevant data on various issues.

Research strategy