Scientific Conference

Other conferences


The main objective of this Conference was to bring people together and share the latest developments in the field of technology, from the perspective of developers. Participants had the opportunity to participate in seminars by local and international industry experts


The purpose of this conference was to assess the progress made by the countries of the region in relation to the development/implementation of circular economy policies and action plans and to define a way forward for a sustainable future.


During Global Entrepreneurship Week, #KolegjiUniversum in collaboration with STIKK has organized a conference for the presentation of the research "Assessment of digital skills of citizens of Kosovo". 

7-10 shtator 2022

The NICE Academy Conference was the first international event dedicated to career issues in Kosovo with Universum College as part of the organizing committee. Deep human competencies such as empathy and their impact on careers were discussed at this conference.


This conference brought together prominent US, UK, EU and WB politicians, diplomats, MPs and civil society actors to discuss global developments and implications for the Western Balkans.

Shpend Ahmeti dhe Erion Veliaj


Universum College has organized a live conference with the Mayor of the Municipality of Pristina Mr. Shpend Ahmeti and the Mayor of the Municipality of Tirana Mr. Erion Veliaj on the topic "Prishtina and Tirana during the pandemic". Both have told about the challenges they are going through during the pandemic and the measures to make life easier for citizens.


The second international conference was organized by Universum College in cooperation with partner universities. Participants shared their experiences, ideas and research results on social, economic, legal and technological issues.

Konferenca live me gjeneralin


At Universum College, an online conference titled "The World after the Pandemic" was held with General Wesley K. Clark (ret.) who has contributed a lot during his role. He has given his opinions based on many years of experience.

Bankat ne pandemi


In times of pandemic, Universum College has organized an online conference with Mr. Robert Wright, General Director of Raiffeisen Bank Kosova on the topic "BANKS IN THE TIME OF THE PANDEMIC". The challenges faced by banks during the pandemic and strategies for the future are analyzed there.


In cooperation with IBCM - International Business College Mitrovica, Universum College has organized the conference for the publication of students' works on topics such as: Business and marketing, public administration, computer science, environmental protection, etc.

Konferencë Studentore - Revista e hulumtimeve të studentëve


Universum College has organized the two-day Student Conference, for the presentation of the research works of students from all departments, works which have been published in the "Student Research Magazine".

Roundtable conference


Caritas Kosova in cooperation with Universum College has organized the conference "Challenges of young people for employment" within the project "Your Job". Opinions and recommendations regarding the employment of young people were disclosed there. 


Universum College has organized the conference for the Publication of some Research that students have done within the subject "Research Methods". This conference was aimed at raising the awareness of the participants about important social issues.

Konference - Implikimet financiare


Financial implications in local elections and the impact they may have on the budget and economy of Kosovo was the next conference. Representatives of the government of Kosovo, the World Bank, the IMF, Civil Society and the business community were invited.



This conference was intended to reveal the data for the research done by measuring the trends, dynamics and structure of movements in the employment market in Kosovo. This is statistical data entirely collected and analyzed by Universum College staff and students.


Innovator, investor, entrepreneur and world-renowned professor, Raphael H Cohen, held a conference in Kosovo with the topic "From idea - to money in the bank: create business opportunities through innovation".



Italian Ambassador Andreas Ferrarese held a public lecture at Universum College on the topic "How Italy can help Kosovo in visa liberalization and the process of integration into the European Union."



 Janez Jansa is awarded the Doctor Honoris Causa award by Universum College for his contribution to the freedom and independence of Kosovo, the democratization of the Balkans and the strengthening of relations between Kosovo and Slovenia on the 10th anniversary of the establishment of Universum College.


Euro-deputy Ulirike Lunacek held a public lecture with assistant students in the #KosovaAcademyofManagment project of Universum College.



Ambassador Robert Bosch held a public conference at Universum College on the topic "Dutch diplomacy in Kosovo and its focus (public, cultural, economic and digital diplomacy)"



The representative of UNDP in Kosovo, Mr. Andrew Russell, held a conference at Universum College, where the main activities of UNDP in Kosovo were discussed.


Lord George Robertson, former Secretary General of NATO held a conference in front of Universum College students encouraging them to get involved in politics and take control of their future.



The world-famous investor Baybars Altuntas held a conference at Universum College where he talked about the beginnings of his career and his record-breaking book "Off the Bus, Into a Supercar".



German Ambassador Wolfgang Ischinger held a conference at Univerum College where he enthusiastically recalled the first time he was in Kosovo in the early 90s. During the event, he was also awarded the Global Leadership Award.