The Office of Career and Student Welfare cares to advise and assist students by providing practical work to each Universum College student in various local and international companies.

The mission of the Career Office is to assist students in their journey towards professional development through the services (tools) needed for career success.

All students can benefit
these services from the Career office


Within this service, students will be able to receive advice regarding planning and clarifying the steps to follow for further professional development through meetings with the staff of the career office.

Trainings & workshops

The Career Office offers training, seminars and roundtable discussions so that each student can build the basic documents to look for a job and prepare them for job interviews. It achieves this through trainings on: How to compile a CV, Letter of Motivation; How to complete job applications and how to prepare for interviews.

Social Networking

This service enables students to meet in person with potential employers. The career office takes care to ensure agreements with employers, so that students have the opportunity to do practical work or be employed in various local and international companies, through participation in: job fairs, universum Talks, study visits, alumni talk


In order to promote the mental health of students, the office organizes activities of a psycho-social nature, offers free counseling to all students to help them with any problem that can make it difficult to succeed in studies or that affects well-being. Don't forget, the Career and Welfare Office is just an email away, contact: [email protected]


In order to promote physical and mental health, the office aims to develop research to identify new strategies to help students with mental health problems such as difficulties in concentrating or completing tasks, loss of energy, or difficulties in adapting to life in Kosovo.

The Career Office will use media to inform our students and the public about issues related to well-being, using self-care techniques and informational videos on stress, anxiety, sleep problems and fatigue.

We plan to build the content with professionals working in the mental health field, including our latest partner Stress Free Corner.

Practical work

The internship program was developed to enable and encourage students to engage in a professional learning experience beyond classroom lectures. Carrying out practical work is necessary for all students of Universum International College, within the "Career Orientation" course, where 4 credits are obtained after completing the practical work in one of the partner companies, organizations or institutions. Depending on the direction of studies, the students have also determined the necessary hours for practical work.


Services for businesses

DUAL STUDIES for Business

Through this German concept, Universum International College offers the possibility of cooperation with Industry, in the formation of personnel with knowledge and practical knowledge according to market requirements. Partner businesses finance who during their studies develop practical work in companies that offer scholarships until graduation, with employment opportunities during and after studies.

Partner businesses benefit from:

  • Meeting the needs with human resources
  • Students engage in practical work 103 days/year
  • Over 5 funded scholarships, a 10% discount is offered
  • Over 50 Scholarships in the same study program, a special class is created to suit the company's requirements
  • Working relationship with students during and after studies
  • Staff exchange for participation in public lectures or events


Universum International College offers academic and professional solutions to the challenges faced by businesses and institutions, contributing to strengthening the link between education and market demands. 

In this way, businesses and institutions present requests which Universum International College, through academic and professional expertise, handles and offers concrete solutions.


Universum International College has created the Co-op program, through which it enables businesses and institutions to design an academic syllabus which, after approval by the Academic Council of Universum International College, is offered as an elective course in the Universum curriculum..