Global Signature Courses

Global Signature Courses

What are Global Signature Courses?

Global Signature Courses are part of UNI – Universum International College courses which are offered in blended mode with other partner universities and which are enriched with content from Arizona State University. These courses are taught by UNI professors and are complemented by at least two synchronized interactive lectures with other international professors from other partner universities.

How do students benefit?

  • Extensive and relevant curriculum, with interactive activities enhanced by Arizona State University content.
  • Courses offered online, with synchronous sessions facilitated by local faculty, and complemented by international faculty.
  • At least two synchronous sessions provided by international faculty from two partner universities will be incorporated into each course.
  • Courses provide an increased connection between partner institutions, as well as, enhanced, lasting collaboration between faculty that goes beyond these courses,
  • Students engage with international colleagues.


Jairus Diesta Espiritu

Profesor në universitetin Mapúa në Filipine. Ligjëron lëndën 'Global Ethics'.

Luis Alberto Bernardino Aquino

Profesor në universitetin UAG në Meksikë. Ligjëron lëndën 'Industrial revolution 4.0'.

Juan Francisco Nicolalde Gonzalez

Profesor në universitetin UIDE Ecuador. Ligjëron lëndën 'Sustainability'.

Daniyar Medetov

Profesor në universitetin Almaty Kazakistan. Ligjëron lëndën 'Entrepreneurship'.

Ruth Patricia Navarrete

Profesor në universitetin UFG El Salvador. Ligjëron lëndën 'Impact of Social Media'.

Maria Estefania

Profesor në universitetin UAG Ecuador. Ligjëron lëndën 'Data analytics/Data science'.

Mabeth Francia

Profesor në universitetin Mapua Philippines. Ligjëron lëndën 'Impact of Social Media'.

Emmillie Joy

Profesor në universitetin Mapua Mexico. Ligjëron lëndën 'Healthcare Innovation'.

Jul Aidil

Profesor në universitetin UEU Indonezi. Ligjëron lëndën 'Global economy'.

Vanessa Mhae

Profesor në universitetin MCM Malejzi. Ligjëron lëndën 'Sustainability'.