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Program overview

The Bachelor studies program with a double degree (Double Degree) in English is offered in cooperation with Mikolas Romeris University from Lithuania. Mykolas Romeris University is a public University located in Vilnius, the Capital of Lithuania. Lithuania has been a member of the EU since 2004.

Students applying to be part of the Double Degree program from Universum College and Mykolas Romeris University must complete two years at Universum College and then continue the third year at Mykolas Romeris University in Lithuania. In addition, the double degree program includes professional practice for students (15 ECTS) and the thesis (15 ECTS).

Mykolas Romeris University offers our students unique semester exchange opportunities with Erasmus scholarship at one of their EU partner universities during their stay in Lithuania. Also, it is offered the possibility that even while working on the diploma, our students receive an Erasmus scholarship, complete the topic in another EU country where they stay with a scholarship, and defend it online remotely ..


Mykolas Romeris University is accredited by the state authorities in Lithuania. This accreditation also includes the English language program.

Universum College is accredited as a higher education institution by the Kosovo Accreditation Agency. Even the English language program at Universum College is accredited by the same agency.


To be admitted to this program, interested students must apply for enrollment at Universum College. Upon admission to Universum College, students are automatically granted the opportunity to continue the third year of bachelor studies at Mykolas Romeris University in Lithuania under the following conditions:

  • To have completed 2 years of studies at Universum College;
  • To have completed the previous exams for these 2 years (120 ECTS)

In addition to these, even students who are currently finishing their first or second year at the bachelor's level at Universum College can choose to continue their third year at Mykolas Romeris University in Lithuania within this program. The same applies to students who transfer from other universities/colleges to Universum College.


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