Students Services

Student services of Universum College are open for every students request and question  from 9 am-8 pm from Monday to Friday and Saturdays from 9 am – 4 pm.
All administrative requirements should send to administrative unit of Universum College.
Student Service is obliged to respond to students need within 24 hours.


Perform students service procedures:

    • Perform students service procedures;
    • Regulate the documentation of students;
    • Accept student requests and respond to them within 48 hours;
    • Prepare students certificates, transcripts of grades (grades statements) and other administrative documents at the request of students;
    • Issue administrative decisions for certain administrative and academic issues;
    • Issue administrative decisions in digital and physical form;
    • Prepare the academic calendar, schedule of lectures and exams timeline, etc
    • Exam results with two (2) weeks;
    • Accept requests for refusal assessment according to the regulation for bachelor and master studies;
    • Provide electronic service web-student and web-mail;
    • Identify attendance of lectures;
    • Accept requests for defense of thesis and follow all other procedures graduation
    • Organize study visits, various training and other services according to students requirements.

Ambassador Students

To recognize outstanding students and include them in learning development and progress of students in the classroom. Ambassadors will be representatives, advisers and will assist their colleagues by providing mentoring and counseling. The membership could be lifelong and students can have the status as Active, Alum, and Distinguished Alum.  Students who show outstanding academic skills will be nominated by their professors, or they can apply in advance


Universum College has presented to students the Tutorial Scheme. From October 2008, a tutor is assigned to every student, which monitors the student’s progress and advice on all academic issues. Each student may meet with his/her tutor an hour a week and consult the above issues.


The academic staff is in students’ disposal for academic consultations. Time for consultation shall be determined in collaboration with professors. Students may consult the professor through official emails. While following the announcement of the results every professor is obliged to appoint an hour for consultations and to notify students via e-mail.

  •  After the end of the lectures, in the fifth semester, students have the right to work for their dissertation
  • The dissertation is determined in cooperation with a professor (professors for each academic year are obliged to mentor 5 students).
  • After the agreement with the professor the student should inform the administration for the subject, topic and mentor he/she will work for and should fill in dissertation’s requirement which can be obtained at the students’ service.
  • From the moment that a student inform administration, he/she must have at least three (3) months for the preparation of the thesis/dissertation.
  • After completing the thesis and approval by the mentor, the student must submit thesis in administration and fill in the form for submission of the thesis which should be signed by the mentor.
  • Students have three (3) terms of thesis defense:  January, June and September.
  • The date of thesis defense is appointed in coordination with administration after the approval by the Faculty Council, in accordance with terms mentioned above.
  • Theses must contain at least 30 pages, but no more than 50 pages.
  • Thesis defense can be done in public or closed way after the completion of all examinations.
  • The commission consists of three members in which students defend their thesis.
  • Thesis defense can last maximum 20 minutes.
  • The commission after the presentation of the thesis can make questions to the student regarding to his/her work. The audience has the right to make questions as well with the permission of the chairman of the committee.
  • After conclusion of the questions, the Commission consult with each-other and then make an evaluation of the thesis.
  • Theses is evaluated with grades from 5 (repetition of the thesis) to 10.
  • Thesis is evaluated with 1o ECTS.

Bad academic practices

Universum College implements the policy against bad academic practices  in order to reduce the level of fraud within the institution. Universum College does not tolerate any action that falls within bad academic practices by students, academic staff and administrative.

What are bad academic practices?

Bad academic practices include all acts that challenge the credibility and legitimacy of the process of evaluation. In accordance with regulations set by the College Universum the following ones are defined as bad academic practices:

Plagiarism is defined as the submission of a task or project which contains ideas or opinions from others and in which, the student presented it as his own creation without quoting the source.

Copying is defined as an unfair/dishonest act in exam. Some copying examples are: use of notes during the exam, talking to other students about the content of the exam, the use of technological devices (except those permitted by the instructor), etc.

Collusion is defined as unfair arrangement between students to cheat the lecturer (eg. agreements of students to copy from each other)

Imitation is defined as the appearance of a student with a false identity in order to perform the test for another student.

If a student is discovered or suspected that is involved in any of the bad academic practices mentioned above, Universum College will investigate these acts and will take disciplinary actions against those who are responsible for.

To eliminate any possibility of bad academic practice

    • The student should submit only their own work.
    • Students must clearly indicate the source of information for each citation, non-personal opinion or ideas used in projects. Thoughts or ideas used must be entered in quotes with the name of the author clearly stated within the body of the text and also at the end of the project (also known as the Bibliography or references). Students who have lack knowledge about this style of reference, should take advice from the Office of Career.
    • Students should not use the information sent by their colleagues (via email, USB, etc.) without their permission.
    • Students do not need to help their colleagues during the exam.

Disciplinary action in serious cases


  • A student has used a lot of foreign ideas and thoughts  in a paper without citing the author of those ideas / thoughts;
  • The student has copied the work of colleagues;
  • The student has done the test with another identity.

Possible disciplinary actions

    • Student will receive 5 in that paper/exam;
    • The student will not lose the right to submit the paper once again;
    • The College can give the last warning or exclude the student from the College.

Disciplinary action in less serious cases


  • Copying from books, magazines or web sites without the putting the source;
  • Allow your colleagues to copy your work;
  • Use of colleagues’ work without citing it.

Possible disciplinary actions

    • The grade for that subject or paper may be reduced to five
    • You have to do the paper again or to do a new one and this time delivered without any bad academic practice.


Students who do not receive a response from the person or department in which they require any particular explanation, they have the right to complain to this email: [email protected]. This complaint remains anonymous and this applies to all campuses of Universum.

academic resources

The four libraries of the Universum College in Prishtina, Ferizaj, Prizren, and Gjakova have over 100,000 university books and monographs in English and Albanian, thus enabling all Kosovar scholars to deepen their academic work in different fields.


EBSCO is the leading provider of research databases, e-journals, magazine subscriptions, e-books and discovery service to libraries of all kinds. For over 70 years, we’ve partnered with libraries to improve research with quality content and technology.

OXFORD Scholarship Online

OXFORD Scholarship Online is a database where the user can access e-books in different fields from economics, finance, philosophy, political science, biology, history, literature, physics, psychology etc.


GALE is also a well-known library. Students have access to the Literature Resource Center and Bibliography Resource Center and libraries around the world to empower the discovery of knowledge and insights by all people, for all purposes.


OXFORD JOURNALSis the basis of world-renowned data. OJ offers access to 200 electronic journals, most of them published in collaboration with the most prestigious academies of sciences around the world.

In addition to electronic subscriptions, the library also has subscriptions written by leading journals in relevant areas of study offered at Universum. These include: Economic Affairs; Economic Policy; International Affairs; International Economic Review; International Finance; Journal for Common Market Studies; Public Administration; Journal for Small Business Management and International Journal of Management Reviews.

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