+ CALL FOR ERASMUS mobility between partner countries and the University of Huelva (UHU) Key Action 1 (KA 171)


+ CALL FOR ERASMUS mobility between partner countries and the University of Huelva (UHU) Key Action 1 (KA 171)

+ CALL FOR ERASMUS mobility between partner countries and the University of Huelva (UHU) Key Action 1 (KA 171)

1. The number of available places in this call corresponds to funding granted by the European
Commission to the University of Huelva, and is based on interinstitutional agreements signed
between UHU and UC.
2. The mobility will take place for a 5 month period from either September 2023 to January 2024
or January 2024 to June 2024.
3 Candidates should send applications and supporting documents to UC International Relations
Office for screening.
4. Financial assistance is assigned to help cover maintenance and travel costs during the period of
mobility, as specified in paragraph 7.
5. UC will be responsible for selecting and nominating the selected participants as well as
organizing preparation for, and recognition of the mobility period.

To participate in this call for Erasmus mobility, applicants must meet the following requirements:

 Being enrolled in an official study programme at UC at the time of applying and during
the entire period of the mobility. The mobility must not take place in the country of
residence of the participant nor where pursuing studies nor working.
Candidates should send the following documents to UC International Office to [email protected]
 Motivation letter
 Transcript of records
 Certificate confirmation of Spanish and/or English language level
 Document which shows that the candidate is enrolled in an official study programme at UC at the
time of applying.
 Official documentation showing degree and nature of special needs/disadvantaged economic
background (if applicable) For more information contact [email protected]
Link to application form and procedures HERE

Deadline for applications:
25 of MAY

The process of selecting participants in UC guarantees the principles of transparency, competition
and equal competitive opportunities for all participants. The criteria for selecting participants are
described below:

a) Average grade of university level above 7.5
b) certified level of English Language B1
c)Any other information specified by the candidate (additional skills or skills,
specific academic interest, vulnerable socio-economic situation, etc.) 10 points

According to the European Commission, the selection of participants in this Call
must guarantee equal opportunities (as regards gender, disadvantaged groups
etc) competition based on merit and transparency. To this end, selection criteria
must be clear and precise.

Selected applicants who accept + ERASMUS mobility shall comply with the following obligations:
1. Acceptance: The participant should inform DUT of acceptance of the mobility place by
email to [email protected]

2. Commitment: The recipient of Erasmus + grant shall comply with the following obligations:
1. Sign Grant Agreement between the participant and the University of Huelva and any
later amendments. The International Office staff of the University of Huelva will provide
the Grant Agreement before the start of the mobility period.
2. Sign the corresponding Learning Agreement before departure. These agreements
contain learning objectives and the rights and obligations of the parties. The UHU
International Office will send this document to the selected participant for completion.
3. Remain at UHU the time indicated in the Agreement. The participant must join the
University of Huelva with full respect for its internal rules. Such residence shall be
accredited by UC on their return by filing Certificate of attendance completed by the
University of Huelva. The minimum period of stay is 5 months. Non completion of the
established period may result in the loss of the right to receive the grant and, subsequent
reclaiming of payments made , if applicable.
4.The selected participant should contact Juan José Gómez Boullosa
[email protected] (after selection) before departure.
5. Students will study courses belonging to an official study programme at UHU. The
grades and credits, included and approved by both universities in the Learning
Agreement, obtained during the mobility period at UHU will be transferred to the official
studies at UC.
6. All participants must complete the online Final report which will be requested by the
University of Huelva, at the request of the European Commission, within a maximum
period of thirty days following the mobility period.
7. It is the responsibility of the participant to procure the health insurance coverage for
the purposes of sickness, accidents, occupational accidents and repatriation and civil
responsibility, effective from arrival at the University of Huelva. Before departure the
students and staff participants should send evidence of this to the Office of International
Relations at the University of Huelva.
8. The selected participants must apply and formalize the corresponding visa in their
country of origin. The University of Huelva will issue a letter of acceptance for this
9. Participants must organize and pay for travel in advance.
10. In order to receive the funds, participants must follow the instructions sent by the
UHU International Office.
11. Participants will be responsible for finding accommodation in Huelva. UHU will
provide support.
12. In the case of participants, nominated by DUT as special needs participants/
participants from disadvantaged backgrounds, and who have provided all documents
required by UHU International Office within the deadlines, UHU may organize and pay for

travel to UHU in advance. The costs incurred would be deducted from the total amount of
the Erasmus funding allocated the mobility place.

3. Cancellations: Participants should inform DUT and UHU of cancellations as soon as possible,
so that the Erasmus mobility might be offered to the first candidate on a waiting list.
6. OBLIGATIONS University of Huelva
1. The University of Huelva shall send a letter of acceptance and the corresponding informative
documentation to selected participants resolved following the final selection.
2. After completion of mobility, UHU will provide participants with a Certificate of Attendance,
and Transcript of Records.

The aid granted to the participants of the mobility program Erasmus + is designed to
partially cover the expenses incurred by them during their stay abroad.
Aid funds from the European Union under this call include:
1. An aid to cover subsistence expenses: This amount is set according to the country of
destination and length of stay. The aid is divided by groups of countries, according to the
approximate cost of living. Spain is included in Group 2 and mobilities contribution to this
country is 850 EUR a month for students.
2. an aid to help cover travel expenses. The amount is calculated as a function of distance
The distance should be calculated between the city of origin and University City University of
destination, using the distance calculator European Union
( http://ec.europa.eu/programmes/erasmus-plus/tools/distance_en.htm ). In the case of UC , the
allocated travel fund per participant is 360 €.
The maximum funding period for each type of mobility will be 5 months.
80 % of the total funding will be paid by bank transfer to the students’ bank account in Spain.
Students are advised to open a bank account in Huelva as soon as possible after arrival in order to
minimize the possibility of delay in payment due to bank related issues.
Students should arrive in Huelva with sufficient funds to cover accommodation and living costs for
a 4 week period.
The remaining 20% of the funding will be transferred during the last month of the mobility period,
before departure, if participants have stayed the full 5 month period and complied with the
obligations listed in this Call.
Provisions for Participants with special needs/disadvantaged backgrounds:
Participants who can provide official documentation showing special needs/disadvantaged
backgrounds should declare this fact and include the corresponding documents when

submitting their applications. If successful in obtaining and Erasmus mobility place in this Call,
they should contact the International Office of the UHU as early as possible so that extra
funding can be applied for on their behalf and so as to inform of the UHU might best facilitate
their needs during the mobility period.
All communications by the candidates must be made to its home International Relations office.
Once selected, beneficiaries may contact the University of Huelva through the addresses:
[email protected] Student mobility issues
[email protected] + 34 959 21 9169