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Program description

Transform your passion for communication into a fulfilling career with our English to German language program!

Learn the latest techniques, join the initiative to connect people through key, communication and language. Start your journey to a successful career in English with German today!

Reasons to study in this program

  1. The German language is one of the most important languages in Europe and recently in high demand in the labor market
  2. Professional Practice and Employment through dual studies
  3. International double degree with one of the partner universities (Germany, England, Finland and Lithuania)
  4. Study with full SCHOLARSHIP in one of the 28 EU countries and Turkey

Employment opportunities after graduation

Graduates of the English with German major have the following employment opportunities:

  • Employment opportunities as a teacher in public and private educational institutions
  • Employment as a translator in embassies, institutions, international organizations, media
  • Opening your language center



First year
Semester ISemester II
1English Language Integration I (O)61German language integration II (O)6
2German language integration I (O)62English Language Integration II (O)6
3Albanian language (O)63Introduction to Literature (O)6
4Introduction to Linguistics (O)64Research methods (O)6
5Study skills (Z)25English for Specific Purposes (Z)6
6Writing skills (Z)66German language II (Z)6
Second year
Semester IIISemester IV
1German language integration III (O)61German language integration IV (O)6
2English Language Integration III (O)62English Language Integration IV (O)6
3Academic Writing (O)63Internship and career guidance (O)8
4Morphology (O)64German for specific purposes (Z)6
5Introduction to Translation and Interpreting (Z)65Leadership and negotiation (Z)6
6English for Specific Purposes (Z)6Translation practice (Z)
Third year
Semester VSemester VI
1German language integration V (O)61German language integration VI (O)6
2English Language Integration V (O)62Discourse analysis (O)6
3Presentation and public speaking (O)63Topic - Final Project (O)10
4Lexicology (O)64Sociolinguistics6
5History of language (Z)65Community Service Writing (Z)6
6German civilization (DACHL) (Z)6


STUDIES FUNDED BY BUSINESSES Universum College in cooperation with partner companies offers dual studies according to the German concept, through which students benefit:
  • 100% financing of studies for 3 years
  • Professional internship from the first year
  • Semestral exchange with full scholarship in 221 universities, 26 European countries
  • Guaranteed employment after graduation
  • Win a SCHOLARSHIP for 3 years of study and start your career now by applying here

Registration requirements

  • To enroll in our programs, all applicants must submit ONLINE or physically the following documents:
  • ● Certifikaten e lindjes
  • ● Diplomen e shkollës së mesme
  • ● Grade slips for cl. 10, 11 and 12
  • ● Certifikaten e testit të maturës
  • Legalized documents issued by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology of the Republic of Kosovo for all those who have completed their education outside the Republic of Kosovo.

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