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In strategic partnership with Arizona State University, which has under its umbrella 13,000 international students, UNI – Universum International College is further strengthened in terms of internationalization. Now, all UNI students will study with American curriculum and standards, and have access to a world-class education.

What students gain from Arizona State University

Study programmes in English


Combination of modern and traditional culture

Second youngest country in the world

Countless attractions

Kind and hospitable

Young population

Rich and unique cuisine

You can apply for admission as an international student if you are not a Kosovo citizen or a permanent resident of Kosovo. If you want to study at UNI – Universum International College, you need to submit the required documents at [email protected] with the subject International Student – Application.
Steps that International Students need to follow:

  1. Choose the program Bachelor or Master
  2. Check Admission Requirements
    • GPA 3.0.
    • Level A2 in Anglia Examination or TOEFL 42-71, IELTS 4.0-5.0)
    • All documents submitted must be official, original, or certified copies.
  3. Submit your documents at [email protected]
  4. Upon acceptance, fee payment to Universum International College is required


  • Birth certificate
  • Passport Copy (at least 6 months due date of expiration)
  • Diploma and graduation certification from high school
  • Transcript of records
  • English certificate (at least a year valid; TOEFL, IELTS, ANGLIA certificates are acceptable)

Application Fee

All students applying with an international diploma are required to pay a non-refundable €150 application fee. Only after you have paid this fee can UNI start to process your application.

For European and American countries, a visa is not required to visit Kosovo. However, other countries, see the list, cannot enter Kosovo without a visa. If you are unsure where you need a visa o

To apply for a visa, please reach out or visit the relevant embassies.

We will support you with visa process.

UNI – Universum International College does not provide in-campus accommodation at the moment. Therefore, international students have to arrange accommodation themselves. To reach the campus faster, by bus, international students are advised to look for accommodation near the city center. Yet, since there are regular bus lines it is not that difficult to reach the campus regardless of the area you decide to live in. To get an idea of what is available in the area check Airbnb or Booking. For cheaper prices, you may contact any Real Estate Agency online or post your request for accommodation on Facebook.
In case you have troubles regarding accommodation issues contact [email protected].

Adem Jashari International Airport of Prishtina (PRN) is located in the outskirts of Prishtina approximately 17 km from the city center. Getting to Kosovo is very convenient; there are plenty of flights through Pristina International Airport, or Skopje, Macedonia (2 hours drive) and Tirana (4 hours drive). There are regular buses from central Europe to Prishtina and Skopje and several daily buses from Skopje to Pristina (and it is very inexpensive).

Inter-city bus rides are very frequent and they run from early morning until late night. The buses to other cities and towns leave from the main bus station in Prishtina (10 minutes walking distance from city center.) To come from the city center to our campus, there is transportation provided from the flag roundabout directly to the campus.


The cost is average for items such as fuel, car hire, public transport, vehicle purchase, and maintenance. The average price over the last year for the highest available octane petrol/gasoline (1L) is EUR 1.30.

The public transport buses charge EUR 0.50 per ride, whereas the daily pass costs EUR 0.80.

Restaurant meals

The cost is low for items such as meals, and beverages in a restaurant, and take away food and beverages. The average cappuccino price is EUR 1, coke (330ml) EUR 1, burger meal (international franchise or similar) EUR 5, and a mid-range local restaurant meal for 2 is EUR 20.


Like in most European countries, the best places to purchase anything are the local markets. Here, visitors will find every product imaginable including seasonal fresh vegetables and fruits, and pastry.

Certain items are native to the country and should therefore not be passed on, such as grass and straw products, carved wooden statues and masks, copper and brass utensils, silver and gold jewelry, and perhaps most known, semi-precious stones like amber. These have relative average pricing as anywhere across the region!

Accommodation costs

The country is a rather small nation, so you really can travel it all around at once if you are not a lazy one. If you have difficulties deciding which city in the country you should visit in the first place.

These are the most popular cities among visitors here! Costs are relative and may stagger around EUR 250 to EUR 300 per month depending on your location!

Monthly Budget

Students interested in simple living should budget between EUR 500 or less monthly. Generally, this budget allows for bus rides and the occasional taxi, big trips to the marketplace, and a few restaurant meals each month.

While you can choose to live in relative luxury, employing full-time housekeepers, commuting by car, enjoying exquisite homes, and consuming imported goods such as lifestyles can easily amount to EUR 700 or more monthly.


Albanian cuisine is enriched throughout history because of the influences of different empires ruling Albanian territories. First the Romans and later on the Ottomans have contributed to the cuisine currently flourishing in households and restaurants in modern Kosovo. Kosovars like to add a little bit of twist to most of their food. Hence, the served food is always fresh, organic, finger liking, delicious and unique. There is no other place in the world where the perfect harmony of meat, vegetables and pastries get on your plate for ridiculously cheap prices. Traditional food in Kosovo include: fli, burek, dollma, mantia, tava, qebap. Kosovars also have a special taste regarding alcohol: Peja Beer, Stonecastle wine, raki etc can be found in every market and restaurant.